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Automating Doctor-Patient Interaction

John Hovanesian, MD, speaks with Mark Kontos, MD, regarding a new software program designed to provide closer contact wi…

John A. Hovanesian MD, Mark Kontos, MD


Learn how top practices make sure their patients have position, memorable experiences after their procedure is complete.…


Top practice managers share their insights on how they create the ultimate experience when patients arrive in their prac…


Top practice managers reveal their strategies for making first impressions strong enough to turn prospects into patients…

Vance Thompson Vision - Viral Video

The team at Vance Thompson Vision put together this video to kickoff their annual Vance Thompson Vision meeting. The vid…

Vance Thompson, MD

Young Ophthalmologists

Mark Kontos, MD, speaks with William Wiley, MD, and George Waring IV, MD, about different resources available for young …

George O. Waring IV, MD, Mark Kontos MD, William F. Wiley MD

Secrets of Highly Successful Refractive Cataract Surgery Pra…

John A. Hovanesian, MD, in private practice at Harvard Eye Associates in Laguna Beach, California, shares several pearls…

John A. Hovanesian MD

Importance of Keeping your Website Fresh - Marketing

Susan Hutson, VP of EKWA Marketing, provides a short summary of the importance of keeping websites fresh.

Ekwa Marketing/


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