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Iris Prosthesis

Barbara Parolini, MD

Anterior Vitrectomy with Sulcus Fixated PC IOL in Pediatric …

John Kanellopoulos, MD, presents the case of a 13-year old boy who underwent an anterior vitrectomy and sulcus fixated P…

John Kanellopoulos MD

Eye Saw Good - An Eye-health Charity Kids Vision

One in four children have a vision problem and 2/3 of those children are not receiving care. Eye Saw Good is a partnersh…

Preventing Risk of ICL Explantation Using Accurate UBM Measu…

In this case study presented by Robert P. Rivera, MD, of Hoopes Vision, an ICL lens requires explanting due to initial i…

Robert Rivera, MD

Eye Drops never Miss

Lewis R. Dan, MD, shares a 30 second video showing a novel way of putting eye drops in and never missing.

Lewis R. Dan, MD

Ocular Trauma, Cataract, Iridodialysis, Astigmatism

Alan Carlson, MD, shares the following video file demonstrating successful cataract surgery in the setting of previous t…

Alan Carlson MD

Coloboma Management With Intraoperative Aberrometry

ORA to the Rescue! Tim Page, MD treats a severe coloboma and mature cataract in a young, monocular patient.

Tim Page, MD

Results of In-the-Bag Implantation of Custom Flexible Silico…

In this video, Michael E. Snyder, MD, discusses in-the-bag implantation of a customized, flexible silicone iris prosthes…

Michael Snyder MD


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