November/December 2016


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Times Change

Glaucoma medical therapy today and tomorrow



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Up Front

Opportunity Knocks

By Steven D. Vold, MD

The Literature

The Literature

By Jonathan Paul, MD, and Sheila Sanders, MD

Bench To Bedside

Tonometry Debate

Industry weighs in on the IOP measurement discussion.

By David A. Taylor and Dan Eisenberg, MD

Challenging Cases

A Case of Ciliary Body Cysts

By Aakriti Garg, MD; James Murphy, MD; and Lama A. Al-Aswad, MD, MPH

Surgical Pearls

Goniotomy With a Dual Blade

Advice for surgeons interested in adopting this procedure.

By Michael G. Morgan, MD

Peer Review

Glaucoma in the Octogenarian

Considerations in treating the advanced elderly.

By Samuel P. Solish, MD

Residents And Fellows

The Lipstick Technique

By Felina Z. Kremer, MD

Cover Focus: Today and Tomorrow

From the Trenches

What is maximal medical therapy today? Three physicians share their thoughts.

By Howard Barnebey, MD; Carla J. Siegfried, MD; and Julia Song, MD

The Adherence Problem

Its scope and strategies for its reduction.

By Henry D. Jampel, MD, MHS

Fixed Combinations

A mainstay of glaucoma management today and tomorrow.

By Robert D. Fetchner, MD, and Albert S. Khouri, MD

Preservative-Free Alternatives

Options for decreasing ocular toxicity in patients with glaucoma.

By Arkadiy Yadgarov, MD, and Reena A. Garg, MD

On The Horizon

New medications give fresh hope for treating glaucoma.

By Jason Bacharach, MD

Sustained-Release Drug Delivery: the Future of Glaucoma Treatment

Several devices are being investigated.

By Justin A. Schweitzer, OD, FAAO, and Mitch Ibach, OD, FAAO

In Back

Industry News


Phaco-Goniosynechialysis: Tap, Sweep, and Tweep

By Jonathan S. Myers, MD

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